How I heard about Dean Holland

Dean Holland and I were both On Alex Jefferies first training course wayyyyyyy back in October 2008 Dean was straight out of the blocks and disappeared in a cloud of traffic.  I kept up for a short while and when it came to making videos I got left behind. My excuse at the time was I had no video camera, I had a very old computer with a very slow internet connection. Being unable to keep up with the course was very demoralizing and after the course finished I moved onto other courses.

Progress so far

So far I have had very limited success in earning an online income.  I’ve had a bit of success selling Click bank products and Bob proctor affiliate products but I’ve never reached the required threshold level to get paid so what they do is slowly take back any commission you have earned in so called “charges”.  What kind of business model is that!  Those first online sales are so exciting and you start to believe that it is just maybe possible for you to make a living online only to have your dreams trampled into the dirt by the very companies you are helping.  I have had a small amount of success with Adsense advertising and should receive my first cheque from Google any day now.  Although Google have a threshold they do not whittle away your hard earned commission with spurious charges.

In spite of so many failures and more years of trying than I care to remember I’m still in the game.  My desire to stop working for other people is so immense that giving up is not an option.  Having been on Dean’s mailing list since we were on Alex Jeffries’s course and he created Dean I received an email about from him about Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge I’d wanted to revive my site that I first started during Alex’s course and the Quick Start Course seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Learnings from Week One

I often work up to 10 days in a row and have three hours commuting a day.  I struggle to find time to spend on my internet marketing So Dean’s first lesson on time management was a very timely reminder that I have enough time I just need to manage it better

photo by: Chicken Billy

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