Hi, welcome to A-Lindsay.com.

My name is Andy Lindsay .  I live in Milton Keynes, U.K. and I work in London.  I spent many years working in the forestry and timber industries which I loved.  Unfortunately you were expected to accept job satisfaction in lieu of wages and many of my jobs were just short term contracts. Athough I worked in some very beautiful parts of the world I got fed up of moving from job to job.  I eventually decided to put down roots and ended up working on the railway.



I have always loved the outdoors.  I don’t know why because my earliest memories are of being dragged round 12 mile hikes by my parents at the age of six!  when I became a teenager I immersed myself in camping, climbing, caving and cycling expeditions.  I avidly read every account of all the explorers.  I desperately wanted to become a hang-glider pilot and was taught by my “hero” -Ashley Doubtfire- the first person to hang-glide off Mt Kilimanjaro.  I loved his mellow laid back style which filled you with confidence.  Another great inspiration came from Dr. Mike Jones, the first person to canoe down Everest.

The photo on the above left is from the Cabane de Moiry, Switzerland.  From my 2004 solo hike across the Chamonix to Zermatt “Haute Route” in the French and Swiss Alps