Back Up Your Site!!!! – Part 1:The Warning.

The other day  tragedy struck!

I’d just finished the post I was writing for The Quick Start Challenge, week one assignment, and was just editing a previous post when my screen went blank.  Everything had dissappeared and a warning message came up saying something like “Are you sure you want to do this?”  there were no buttons to press to get out of it.  I opened up my site on a new tab but all that was there was the title and theme. All the pages, posts and comments had gone.

I had a flash back to when it happened  few months ago and it reminded me of that horrible sinking feeling I had then.  The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach was indescribable.  The loss of all those hours of workand the thought of having to start again was the nearest I have ever come to giving up.

I now have belt , braces and safety harness, I have an automatic backup on my control panel and a wordpress plugin as well keeping a copy of my posts in word or note book.  The first time it happened I handed over my control panel login to Danny Ramdenee who fixed in an instant.  Apparently I had to “use PHPMyAdmin to repair the posts table”  The second time it happened I googled “PHPMyAdmin table repair” and a video came up with instruction on how to to it.  With the knowledge that I had a backup I thought I’d give the table repair a go and It Worked!! 

I’ll make a video on how I did it in Back Up Your Site!!!! – Part 4.  soon to be posted

but first in I’ll show you how I back up my site.

Back Up Your Site!!!! – Part 2 – WordPress plugin backup

Back Up Your Site!!!! – Part 3  – Control panel  backup          soon to be posted



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