The winner of the traffic competition was with over 41,000 visits. that is just amazing! ( congratulations to Jim & Des).  My results 27!!!

At first I found this very depressing.  I thought about it for a while and realized I had to start again so I’m reading all Alex Jeffreys ebooks.  In Alex’s 3rd ebook – Post Launch Profit Secrets I came across the following paragraph:-

“When I started out, I was failing all the time and I used to think I was a failure, but failing is totally part of success, failure comes with success and many of the best business people in the world will tell you, that failure is part of success and you’ve got to fail, because when you do it the first time you fail. ” ( )

I’ve heard Alex talk about failing forward and thought I’d understood what it meant.  Experiencing it gives you an understanding on a very different level.  Yes I had failed but I had taken action and moved forward and now had a foundation to work on.  By taking action I have now got more knowledge of what’s involved and can now make a plan.

I can’t wait for my next failure!

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