Why Internet Marketing?

This video by “achiap” was posted 5 years ago, about the same time I attended my first internet marketing conference.  I remember being shocked at finding out that such a thing as making money on the internet was possible and as with many of the internet marketing events I came away from all the “sales pitches” very bewilderd and confused as to where to start.   But also I was very excited as I knew that this was just what I was looking for.

Although the video was posted five years ago it is copyrighted 1999 which is probably when it was made as it it is obviously outdated ( the diary shown in the video is 1997). Amazon not making a profit!!!! How things have changed! But the reasons for getting involved in internet marketing are still the same and still ring true for me, for example you can create a business:-

  • That can be done full-time or part-time;
  • With little or no capital outlay;
  • That can be started at home;
  • With low overheads;
  • Where no employees are required;
  • Where no special business experience is required;
  • That alllows you to work your hours for your goals;
  • That offers time and financial freedom.

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