As I thought I spent Christmas out of internet contact. At one point I had to drive 3 miles down the road and park in a lay-bay just to get reception on my wireless broadband to pick up my email.  Now I’m back but I’ve blown my chances in the competition. 
I can’t get my squeeze page to work.  When I enter my details and click the “send” button I just get garbage.  The good thing is the name and email is saved and the autoresponder sends out my first email.  So what I’ve done is put a link to the download page in the email.  Now at least I can start my adwords campaign and get some traffic coming in while I sort the problem out.

For those of you who would like a copy of Alex’s free ebook on list building can click on this link.

Happy New Year to you all I hope your year is going to be as exciting as mine is going to be!

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