I’ve been visiting some of my fellow students blogs on Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.  Wow!  you have got to see these, they are an education in themselves.  Every site is different and people have such creative ideas.  There are so many inspiring stories out there.   What an amazing group of people.

(I’ll update it regularly but If by any chance I’ve missed you off the list drop me a line with your details and I’ll add you to the list.  Also if anyone is not happy with their link being on the list let me know and I will remove it. )

Although Dean’s Quick start Challenge looks very simple the blog roll is an example of how much thought has gone into it( I think we have Craig Crawford to thank for this).  The list is selected randomly every time its opened.  This gives everyone a fair chance of being clicked on instead of everyone clicking on the person who is at the top of the list.  I have undermined that by producing an alphabetical list so I have jumbled it up a bit ( I’ll try and change it about every day).  If you want to, you can copy and paste it into Microsoft exel and then you can create a checklist of all the blogs you have visited. You will be able to sort the list however you want by going to the “data” tab and then clicking on “sort”.


Haydon Rouse Nergis Parikh aaron young
Isabel Holly Nick Francklin Alan   Godwin
Jackie Johnson Nicola Perfect Alessandro Zamboni
James Gooch Nonato Infante Andrew   Ive
James McDonald Ola Tik-Aribs Andy   Lindsay
James Raybould Paul Clutterbuck Arto   Siurua
James   Sia Paul Eveleigh Ashwin Gandhi
Janie Thomson Paul Henderson Barry Mckillip
Jarkko Helenius Per Arild Benjamin Giles
Jeremy Greene Phil Richards Bibs Yap
Jerry Tellier Phyllis Breech Bill Taylor
Jo Daubs Pieter Koekemoer bob collins
Johann saffache Piotr Flakowski Brenda Chedester
Johanna van der Sman Ray Boreham Brian Sasville
John Dolby Raz Schultz Brooks Crescent
John Hutchison Riaan de Vos Bruce Hoover
John Meaden Rich Almeraz Carl Picot
John Roberts Richard Ingalls Carla Smith
Juliet Patmore Richard Smith Carlos Aguilar
Justin Wixom Rick Chandler Carolyn Collins
Karson Kraybill Rob Cole Catalin Popescu
Kathy Bingham Rob Hegner Chetz Yusof
Kay Franklin Robert Selby Chris Huish
Kaye Pineda Robin Danielsen Craig Blair
Keith Sneed Robin Gerhart Dale and Becky Bishop
Kelvin Nikkel Ron   Osborne Dale Katchorek
Kent Brown Rose Griffiths Dave Crewe
Kerrie Mullins-Gunst Ruben A Beltran Dave   Wilkes
kevin deary Rudy Cristoph Dennis Melin
Kevin Lethby RuthAnn Schultz Denny J. Basham
Klaus Mohn salaka h Derek Kolb
Leila Atherton Sally Cevasco Dianne Sarasin
Leroy T. Flowers Sandie Graeme Dita Irvine
Les Blackwell Scott & Sharlene Raven Donal Erdpohl
lillian Latham Sergio Felix Donald Gadson
linda Bartlett Shane Farrell Eddreka Anthony
Linda Burbank Sharon Tan Ehud Kafri
Luis Barrios Shawn Quashie Elisa Navarette
Lynn fecke Sherwood Tucker Ely Shemer
Maria Iturralde Sorina Dascalu Evangeline Spencer
Mark Salmon Stephen Floyd Evert Oberholzer
Marlene Kristensen Steve Hunt Frank Moreno
Martin Percival steve reh Franz Prochazka
Michael Glass Thomas Njanque Gail Maslack
Michael Hitchens Tim Verigin Gaurav Mehrotra
Michael Lewis Tim Wright George Weller
Michael Scott Andrews Timothy Gray Gordon Bryan
Michelle Stevens Tshenolo Tlhapi Gordon Snyder
Mike Hambley vijay sankaran Graham Herbert
Miriam Higginbotham Wei Teck Tan Grant Dixon
montozza kokorlic Will goulding Greg Smith
Munir Nathoo Xavier Joseph Gregg Thorpe
Nathan Takao Zhenwei Guo Hari Swaminathan