Three months since my last post.  What’s been happening?  Well I’ve been really busy, I’ve been:-

finishing Daniel Wagner’s internet home study;

learning google adwords;

and I’m about four weeks into Alex Jeffery’s coaching programme.

More on these later but for now the main thing that’s been taking up my time is I’ve been going to to the gym! No ordinary Gym, this one is called “educogym“.  First they weigh and measure you and then you’re put on a diet and numerous supplements.  You then do a weight training programme for twenty minutes everyday for twelve days. After this session I had lost 14.5 pounds of fat and gained 0.5 pounds of muscle.  I continued on a different regime for a further two months and lost a further 8 pounds.

The difference to how you feel is far more dramatic than the weight loss.I feel years younger and the joint pain I was getting has gone.  When my sixpack is complete I might put the before and after photos up.

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